Zeno update

A little update on Zeno; he received his first toy this morning:

Stacking cups

The world through Zeno’s left eye.

However, upon testing his grasp today it seems as though his right hand isn’t as healthy as it should be. For the time being I’ll be getting him to pick things up with his left hand.

working with robots

I’ve had a really good few days at work this week; there’s been lots of progress with setting up our humanoid robot, ‘Zeno’ , and he performed very well for the department visitors yesterday. So, I figured that today I’d buy him some stacking cups! Hopefully others from the department will donate some toys as well. I also had the chance to pet Paro, the robot seal – who may or may not know his name yet (we couldn’t really tell).

I only have one more week left to work with Zeno before I head home for the Summer; this intern has flown by really quickly but I’ve had lots of fun.